Chaos Meteor

This beer is a classic Irish Red Ale. No real link to Invoker beyond "the meatball is red" but it was Nahaz' idea and we didn't want to say no.

Blood Rite

A traditional Belgian wit fermented with blood oranges, giving it a slightly tart and bitter flavor.

Lunar Blessing

Inspired the by Irish Scottish blend of Luna's accent, this brew is a Scottish ale with Irish ale yeast giving it a dry characteristic.

Techies' Brussel Stout

Part of the DotaBrews project is to test and expand the possibilities of craft brewing. Techies and Brussel Sprouts have a lot in common if you ask me, People either love them or hate them with very little in between. Additionally if you are forced into them you probably are going to hate them forever. A dry stout base compliments the earthy flavor of the roasted and caramelized sprouts. 

Witchcraft - Sour Wheat

The second Beer as suggested By Nahaz. It has a Belgian wit base with Rhubarb to add a slightly sour/tart finish. 

Decay - Salty Gose

​Gose Style Beers are becoming increasingly popular. By using an intentional bacterial infection, or from acidulated malt lactic acid is introduced into the beer to give it a slightly sour taste. In milder doses it adds a salty flavor.

Space Cow Milk Stout

Our first beer to be released.

The Space Cow Milk Stout was crafted with  Spirit Breakers bovine heritage in mind. A variety of typical cattle feed grains and lactose sugars are used to embody Barathrum's race.

​Sproink! - IPA

Its hoppy, Just like Mrs deer lady, hoppin around the jungle and stuff.