How can I stay updated on the DotaBrews project?

​Follow us on Youtube throughout the project. We will be posting biweekly brew and design videos.

Where can I buy DotaBrews?

DotaBrews is not currently a licensed brewery, nor do we have permission from Valve to use their trademark commercially. 

Is there any way I can get my hands on some DotaBrews?

Not at this time. Our aim is to bring the DotaBrewes experience to Dota tournaments and events around the world and you can help. Watching, liking and sharing our content helps us grow. If enough demand is there we have better opportunities to work with event organizers.

I have a good idea for a beer, are you interested?

Heck yes we are. We want DOTA Brews to be a community oriented project. Keep in mind that we want to incorporate as much of the character design and elements as we can. If you have an idea for a beer, beer name, or artwork contact us via email or shoot us a message on twitter. If you just want to tell us you favorite hero and beer style, you can do that too.